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Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the dialect. It has been replaced with the Eastern dialect.

Match written translations

Click the Innu word/phrase and its corresponding translation

Tan eshinikashuin?

What's your name?

Kuei, kuei!

Hello, hello!



Auen tshin?

Who are you?

Anite Ekuanitshit nutshipan. Ekᵘ tshin, tanite uetshipanin?

I'm from Ekuanitshit. And you, where are you from?

Tanite uetshipanin?

Where are you from?

Ani au nin.

I'm Annie.

Anite Ekuanitshit nutshipan.

I'm from Ekuanitshit.

Ipet nitishinikashun.

My name is Yvette.

Ekᵘ tshin, tan eshinikashuin?

And you, what's your name?



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