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Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the Sheshatshiu dialect. It has been replaced with the Sheshatshiu dialect.

Uiau (Body Parts)

Study these words

ututan nid

her/his heel

uitshikun nid

her/his knee

utashtan na/ni

her/his calf (of leg)

Part of speech: NAD (Eastern dialect) or NID (Western dialect)

ushukan nid

her/his lower back (human); its hindquarters (caribou, moose); its rump (small animals, birds)

ushtikuan nid

her/his, its (anim) head

ushpishkun nid

her/his, its (anim) back

upuam nid

her/his thigh, its (anim) haunch

uiau nid

her/his, its (anim) body

ushkatai nid

her/his, its (anim) belly, abdomen

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